PSE Vlog Series

In the first ever PSE Vlog, Senior Editor Joseph DeBenedictis introduces you to what it is we do here, and takes you into the production of the Buffalo Sabres Game Day opening video where real highlights and video games were mixed together.

Click Here to watch the Sabres Video Game Open.

The creative team at PSE was tasked with creating a TV commercial for the sports themed restaurant "716 Food and Sport". Our Senior Editor and office Vlogger Joseph (who directed the commercial) takes you through the process of how it was made.

Click Here to watch the 716 30s TV Ad.

We produced an episode of our documentary series "Beyond Blue and Gold" about a brawl that happened 10 years ago between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators. Here's a small look into how we did it.

Click here to watch the full episode of "The Ottawa Brawl"